The world’s first Air Cargo Services app – introducing Fr8ers

Miami, USA, Friday 20th October – Fr8ers is the first of its kind mobile charter App, providing world-wide easy access to Freighter Operators/Airlines and Freight Forwarders.

Freighters Operators/Airlines and Freight Forwarders on a single platform.

Freight forwarders can quickly and easily search for Freighter Operators/Airlines that are readily available within their territory, anywhere in the world.

Freighters are able to display their availability widely on the platform in real-time. The most significant benefit to Freighter Operators/Airlines is that they can maximise their profit levels, by finding reverse-haul options in each destination.

The concept behind Fr8ers is to aggregate both Freighter Operators/Airlines and freight forwarders onto a single online platform, thus providing access to air freight services around the world. It increases the visibility on both the supply and demand side of the air freight industry.

The App allows freight forwarders to find a freighter for all types of cargo loads. Time critical cargo, Dangerous goods, Live animals, Oversized items, 1KG to 100MT, Fr8ers has it covered.

Through inbuilt options, freight forwarders can use filters to search for a freighter that caters to their specific requirements.

The App features a unique 24/7 chat feature. This provides freight forwarders the reassurance of being able to discuss their air cargo requirements with an expert from anywhere in the world, 24/7. Chat discussions are also able to take place between Freighters Operators/Airlines and Freight Forwarders directly.

The App also provides much needed transparency into the entire air cargo booking process, but also into the prices amongst competitors.

The Fr8ers App is available for download on both Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

The company is launching at the 2017 TIACA Executive Summit in Miami, USA on the 19th of October 2017. It is headquartered in Singapore.

For further detail please contact Mr. Rajendra Dubey – CEO, Fr8ers;


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