Transport industry press celebrated and fairplay legacy honoured at Seahorse Journalist Awards 2018

Journalists from across the transport and logistics industry rewarded for outstanding articles and closing maritime trade magazine Fairplay honoured at the Seahorse Journalist Awards

London, UK, Thursday, 6th December 2018 – Journalists, editors, and magazines from across the transport and logistics industry were celebrated for outstanding articles and campaigns at the annual Seahorse Journalist Awards this week in London.

For the first time, two Lifetime Achievement Awards were handed out, with maritime shipping magazine Fairplay, which recently ceased circulation after 135 years in print, receiving one, and the other going to former Chair of Maritime UK and industry stalwart David Dingle.

A total of 11 winners were celebrated for a variety of writing and campaigns which covered topics from the new Hyperloop concept to the One Belt One Road initiative, and Project Selfie in air cargo to state-subsidised shipyards in Asia.

Przemek Myszka, writing about maritime trade in the Baltic region for Baltic Transport Journal, scooped News Journalist of the Year, whilst Caryn Livingston, from Cargo Facts, was named this year’s Social Media Journalist of the Year.

Air Cargo Journalist of the Year went jointly to The Loadstar’s Alex Lenanne and Niall van de Wouw, and Gavin van Marle, also from The Loadstar, was awarded the International Editor prize.

A new category, Investigative Campaign of the Year, went to Fairplay’s John Gallagher, and the coveted ABS Seahorse Journalist of the Year Award, was handed to Fairplay’s Nick Savvides, who also scooped Feature Journalist.

The Naval Architect’s Joseph Stewart won both Journalism on Innovation, and Newcomer of the Year. Supply Chain Journalist was awarded to Simon Duval Smith, writing for Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain.

Joe Lo, of Container Management Magazine, was named Environmental Journalist of the Year.

Seahorse veteran, Peter Owen, presenting the award to Fairplay, said: “Those who have proudly reported and written for, edited, designed, produced and, yes sold advertising in Fairplay now populate a whole range of our most celebrated transport publications and the media at large.

“Tonight we can say with confidence that Founder Thomas Hope Robinson’s legacy will continue to live on and Seahorse is proud to honour his creation and all that have contributed to it.”

Collecting the award on behalf of Fairplay was Nicola Good, the most recent editor of the publication who was joined on stage by staff to celebrate the magazine’s achievements.

This year, the Seahorse Journalist Awards received 323 article submissions, a record number, from 66 journalists, and eight new judges joined the panel to read and score the entries.

The Seahorse Club is a networking group for journalists and professionals in the freight transport, shipping, and logistics sectors founded in 1963.

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Full list of winners below:


Journalism on Innovation

Runner up: Namrata Nadkarni, Fairplay

Winner: Joseph Stewart, The Naval Architect


Air Cargo Journalist

Runner up: Greg Knowler, Journal of Commerce (JOC)

Winner: Alex Lenanne and Niall van de Wouw, The Loadstar


Social Media Journalist

Winner: Caryn Livingston, Cargo Facts

Sponsored by: Inmarsat


Environmental Journalist

Runner up: Carly Fields, Breakbulk

Winner: Joe Lo, Container Management

Sponsored by: WWL


Supply Chain Journalist

Runner up: Emmanual Mair, ContainerManagement

Winner: Simon Duval Smith, Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain


News Journalist

Runner up: Alessandro Passetti, The Loadstar

Winner: Przemek Myszka, Baltic Transport Journal

Sponsored by: Flowwater Technologies Ltd


Feature Journalist

Runner up: Sam Whelan, the Loadstar

Winner: Nick Savvides, Fairplay

Sponsored by: UK Major Ports Group


Newcomer of the Year

Winner: Joseph Stewart, The Naval Architect

Sponsored by: TT Club


International Editor

Winner: Gavin van Marle

Sponsored by: PSA International


Investigative Campaign of the Year

Winner: John Gallagher


ABS Seahorse Journalist of the Year

Runner up: Felicity Landon, Port Strategy

Winner: Nick Savvides, Fairplay

Sponsored by: ABS


Lifetime Achievement Award

Winners: David Dingle, Maritime UK and Fairplay Magazine



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