Tigers launches SmartHub:Connect – a single freight e-commerce and logistics platform with live quote engine

SmartHub:Connect delivers a ready-made Brexit solution and links customers to e-commerce services,  from Amazon to WooCommerce

London, United Kingdom, Thursday 29th November 2018 – Tigers has launched SmartHub:Connect, the world’s first combined freight, e-commerce, and logistics portal.

The Cloud-based platform gives customers end-to-end visibility of the supply chain globally, from transport, to e-commerce fulfilment and, because it is modular, it delivers cost-effective and customisable solutions.

One application is its virtual warehouse solution, which will support customers post-Brexit by allowing them to split stock over two distribution centres and routing orders to the correct hub for fulfilment.

Tigers is also testing a live quote engine facility, which will give customers access to instant quotes between its locations globally.

“Our platform is unique because it delivers glass pipeline visibility of both your global transportation and e-commerce fulfilment from factory to shop floor,” said Andrew Jillings, Chief Executive Officer, Tigers.

“We are a global logistics and transport company with a history of delivering innovative supply chain and enterprise solutions, and our focus from the outset has been on technology, particularly on disruptive  technologies.”

SmartHub:Connect is scalable and secure and gives Tigers’ customers access to  e-commerce services and systems such as Amazon, WooCommerce, the Tigers eShop, top US retailers Macy’s and Nordstrom, as well as European and Australian retailers.

Its Rejected Orders Portal allows customers to manage website orders and e-requests using validation rules, supporting them as they grow into new markets.

Tigers is currently implementing and testing a live quote engine developed by Doozee, which will allow customers to access live quotes between all Tigers locations globally, and to customise the service they receive through SmartHub:Connect.

“The tech-savvy consumer is ever-more demanding, and with the accelerated digitisation and democratisation of information we must be in a position to support our customers, so that they can deliver for the consumer, and grow and develop into new markets,” said Jillings.


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Members of the Tigers Ltd senior management team including (left to right): Clinton Smith, Chief Financial Officer; Shahar Ayash, Managing Director –Europe; Andrew Jillings, Chief Executive Officer; Sebastian Tschackert, President for the Americas; and Mark Gatenby, Chief Information Officer.

SmartHub:Connect logo

SmartHub:Connect logo



Tigers is an enterprise solutions company specialising in e-commerce fulfilment, transportation, and supply chain solutions worldwide.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices and facilities throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa, Tigers has over 100 years’ experience of supporting customers in the healthcare, technology, fashion, automotive, wine and perishables, and outdoor and active lifestyle sectors.

eTigers provides the processes and software for full end-to-end e-commerce solutions, that can be used as a full suite, or as part to be swapped in and out, to work with customers’ existing systems.

In 2017, Tigers launched the Tigers eShop, an online trading platform, offering customers a marketplace with full e-commerce supply chain support in some of the world’s largest e-retail markets.

Tigers has eShops in China, Malaysia, USA, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Tigers is privately owned by Jumbo Glory Limited and GeoPost S.A.

For more information, visit Tigers.