HANSA HEAVY LIFT transports 24 reels and subsea equipment for offshore gas fields in Indonesia

HHL Richards Bay transports subsea equipment, as well as 24 reels, to support construction of the Jangkrik Complex Project in Indonesia

Hamburg, Germany, Tuesday, 11th April 2017 – HANSA HEAVY LIFT has successfully transported two dozen reels, as well as a range of subsea equipment for the Jangkrik Complex Project, off the coast of Indonesia.

HHL Richards Bay picked up the cargo at three different ports: Rosyth, UK; Le Trait, France and Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia.

HANSA HEAVY LIFT discharged the reels and subsea equipment in Balikpapan, Indonesia onto the offshore vessel Viking Neptun, in five mobilisations. Two more offshore vessels, the Seismic Supporter and the Deep Orient, were used to load and offload some of the equipment from HHL Richards Bay, which required additional planning.

“This was a complex project which required a very careful planning process as well as continuous communication with all parties involved from the start,” said Henry Woo, Head of Asia Pacific, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“Our P2-1400 vessel type was the ideal ship for this project, as she provided enough space to stow and handle the cargo and enough crane capacity for discharging.

“The successful completion of this project demonstrates our ability to handle sensitive cargo during all stages of transport, whilst providing a safe work environment and complying fully with very high offshore standards and requirements.”

Ahead of commencing the project, the stowage plan had to be prepared in accordance with the different loading ports and a pre-defined discharge sequence to follow the offshore installation procedure, without shifting any cargo unit.

During the final move, HANSA HEAVY LIFT transferred 19 empty reels to the Viking Neptun and loaded all the subsea equipment, whilst the remaining reels and equipment were discharged in Tanjung Langsat.

The seafastening calculation was prepared taking into account the sensitivity of the cargo, the strength of the reel structure and the special requirements from the product manufacturer.

Other engineering analyses performed during the planning stage included a finite element analysis to assess the strength of the vessel’s deck, as well as regular rigging, seafastening and stability calculations.

“We had to be flexible to apply any changes in the planned activities within a short timeframe to avoid delays, which would affect the offshore installation progress,” added Mohammad Abbas, Project Engineer, HANSA HEAVY LIFT.

“We also had to provide the necessary distance between HHL Richards Bay and the offshore vessel, and as a result, we had to increase the crane outreach.”

“TECHNIP is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with HANSA HEAVY LIFT during the recent successfully completed offshore risers and static umbilicals installation campaign for the Jangkrik Complex Project,” said Stephane Catroux, Deputy Package Manager, Te chnipFMC.

“We worked very closely from the start with HANSA HEAVY LIFT’s in-house team of technical engineers, whose strong expertise and operational experience ensured this challenging project was completed safely and on time.

“We were likewise impressed by HANSA’s very adaptable ships and the team’s attention to detail, which gave us confidence and ease of mind every step of the way.

“We hope there will be more opportunities soon for us to work together with HANSA on other projects in the offshore industry, as they have proven themselves to be an efficient and reliable partner we know we can truly depend on.”


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HANSA HEAVY LIFT has successfully transported two dozen reels as well as a range of subsea equipment for the Jangkrik Complex Project, off the coast of Indonesia. Pictured above is the equipment being loaded and transported on HHL Richards Bay.


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